– WORLD TOUR 2020 –

The 2020 World Tour of Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women® offers organizations the world over the opportunity to  train their  leaders for success and greater contribution, learning from over 300 of the best C-suite leaders in business today via editions in several major markets – the USA, India, Singapore, UAE, Greater China and the UK. Content is curated on the basis of insights gathered since 2014 from over 10,000 women leaders and 2000 male leaders via the summit and research for the book “Break the ceiling touch the sky®- success secrets of the worlds most inspirational women.”

The summit stands out with its C-suite speaker team, cross-industry participation and collaboration, impact-focused content, excellent participation of male and female leadership and intense speed mentoring modules. Over 220 of the world’s best organizations attend  editions of Break the ceiling touch the sky® across the world.

The 2020 Tour also offers Organizations excellent opportunity to highlight their diversity & inclusion best practices, underline the power of their employer brands and sample their products with a vast international network of women leaders.  For partnership and sponsorship opportunities email