“Diversity equals better business.
More women at the top is a proven business builder so the time for analysis and reflection is over!! At
Fine Hygienic Holding we have proven just that by getting to 30 percent of women on our executive
team and seeing the corresponding jump in business result (+82 PERCENT increase in profit in 2019).
Diversity is having a transformational impact on our relationships with customers and our business.
We are delighted to continue our pioneering partnership with Break the ceiling touch the sky in the
Middle East and I am personally delighted to be supporting Mission 2029 as a member of the Global
Advisory Council .”
James Michael Lafferty,
CEO, Fine Hygienic Holding.

“The future is female. Research is
indicating that women drive 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their
buying power and influence. Given this reality, it is imperative we have more gender balanced
leadership at the very top of organizations. At Diageo we believe that the fastest way to greater
diversity at the top is to actively support greater opportunity for women to learn, grow and lead.”
Julie Hamilton,
Chief Commercial Officer, Diageo Plc.

“Diversity is critical to our business success. Bureau Veritas is committed to gender equality and
recognizes the unique contributions that diversity enables and how it impacts the business. We are
delighted to partner with Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky® in the USA. Mission 2029 goes the next
step – supporting and ensuring continued opportunities for women leaders and male champions for
diversity & inclusion to prepare for, access and excel in the top jobs.”
Natalia Shuman,
Executive Vice President and CEO, Bureau Veritas North America.

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