Harpreet Twigg

Founder, WEAVEiN

Harpreet Twigg has worked in the fashion Industry since 1987, educated at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY and pursued a long career in manufacturing, sourcing and product development for fast fashion and home furnishings brands such as Express, Lane Bryant. Abercrombie & Fitch, Home Goods.

Harpreet founded WEAVEiN in January 2019.

WEAVEiN collaborates with artisans in India to produce simple, sustainable and stylish home furnishings, scarves and ponchos. WEAVEiN designs the merchandise inspired by heritage motifs, weaves of the region and a group of artisans produce it. WEAVEiN empowers the artisan to keep their skill and legacy alive and pass it on with pride to their next generations.