Award Categories

Best Companies For Gender Diversity

Best Companies for gender diversity and women leaders. Highlights the top Companies who walk the talk on leading gender diversity and are best in class in making gender diversity fundamental to the company’s success.

  • Integrates gender diversity as fundamental to its business success
  • Advances women across management levels – hiring, growing and promoting women leaders – Has strong female representation on its Board
  • Provides excellent workplace and support facilities for women in leadership, no pay gap between the genders
  • Innovates to share and reapply gender diversity practices from within and without
  • Supports gender diversity across industry by supporting external forums like Break the ceiling touch the sky in real and tangible ways – time and money
Best CEO’s Leading on Gender Diversity

Listing of Best CEOs for gender diversity and the advancement of women in leadership. Highlights the top 100 CEOs who have best integrated and leveraged gender diversity as a competitive advantage for their organization.

  • Role models diversity best practices
  • Ensures gender balanced representation on his/her leadership team
  • Makes his leaders accountable for gender diversity being unlocked as core to the company’s business versus nice to have
  • Proves the positive impact of gender diversity on business results
  • Supports gender diversity across industry by supporting external forums like Break the ceiling touch the sky in real and tangible
    ways – time and money
Diversity & Inclusion Leader Champions

Listing of Best HR gender diversity champions – Highlights the outstanding achievements of the Head of Diversity in an organization that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to leadingand executing the gender diversity agenda through the organization and beyond.

  • Is able to make a case for gender diversity and get engagement/financial support from his/her leadership for
  • Constantly innovates, shares and reapplies best practices on gender diversity to the benefit of his or her company
  • Role models collaboration to step change advancement of women in his/her industry
  • Actively supports participation of his/her Company’s teams at external Forums such as Break the ceiling touch the sky® versus  just seeking to promote company at such forums
  • Has an active strategy in place to make gender diversity core to his Company’s success
Gender Diversity on the Board Award

To recognize the contributions of a leader who has given of her/his time and effort in a truly selfless manner to mentoring young leaders, way beyond the call of duty

  • Has an outsanding track record of being a mentor for women leaders
  • Has demonstrably built a pipeline of women leaders who acknowledge his mentorship
  • Continues to role model mentorship and advocacy for women leaders and gender diversity
“Walk the Talk” Campaign of the Year

Gender Diversity Marketing and activation Campaign of the year Award. This award recognizes a marketing effort that has played a major role in supporting gender diversity or the advancement of women in the workplace both in talk and in “walk”.

  • Delivers a specific and tangible business result based on a unique gender diversity insight
  • Cuts through the industry clutter and rises above the negativity associated with lack of progress on gender diversity
  • Has a direct and traceable impact on the lives of the target of the campaign
  • Is potentially reapplicable for other brands/ companies to reapply and further impact gender diversity
  • Is consistent with the “business with purpose” credo
Inspirational Woman Leader of the Year

The most inspirational woman leader of the year award recognises the significant contributions a female leader has made not just to her business, but also as an inspirational role model for other professional women and in her community.

  • Outstanding woman in business that towers above peers for her contribution to her business but also to society and to gender diversity in particular
  • Has actively supported gender diversity as one of her key principles on her road to success
  • Has a proven track record of empowering other women leaders and is a mentor for men as well
  • Is regarded as a game changer in her industry based on her business results but also on the manner in which she delivers
    those results
  • Is a champion “teacher” – her organizations continue to bloom long after she has left them
The Tech for Women Award

Tech Solution award. For a Company/ Individual that is leveraging technology / tech solutions to significantly advance gender diversity in the workplace/ improve the lives of women.

  • A tech solution that is being used to empower women in the workplace or in the community – could be an app, tech adoption
    program, training made possible only by technology, etc
  • Has a clear and measurable impact on the lives/careers of the women it seeks to serve
  • Is cost effective and is within the reach of SMEs/ communities that do not necessarily have large budgets for technology
Male Champion for Gender Diversity

Listing of Best Male Champion who supports gender diversity and the advancement of women. Celebrates a male leader who has demonstrated outstanding commitment to the advancement of women in leadership and overall progress of gender diversity.

  • Makes a strong case for gender diversity based on fact and specific actions versus hyperbole
  • Visibly demonstrates advocacy for the advancement of women
  • Supports gender diversity on his team and ensures fair opportunities for women leaders
  • Suitably supports the delegation of women leaders to industry learning events and summits
  • Is available as a trusted member to women in leadership

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5. Attend the 2018 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women in Singapore and the Break the ceiling touch the sky® Leonies the same evening. Note that all delegates at the day summit receive free access to the evening awards session (645 pm to 830 pm). All Companies shortlisted for the Top 5 slots in each category must purchase a table for the summit.