Today I was fortunate enough to attend an amazing conference called “Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky” with a well respected colleague and good friend, April Miolla. It was truly inspirational and empowering! I am walking away a better leader and employee for my company, Advantage Marketing Partners. Thank you Anthony Rose for bringing this conference to the United States and for your passion and leadership!

Your top notch panels brought education and encouragement to all. Hearing from the Honourable Robert A. McDonald was truly the highlight of the conference for me. I also thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Colleen Lindholz, President of Kroger Health, Kash Shaikh, Founder & CEO, Besomebody, Inc., as we can relate to them/work with them in our industry and they shared inspirational stories that left us reaching for more and believing we can achieve it. I hope to be a part of your next conference in the United States in 2020. Thank you for a GREAT day.

Lisa Hubner
Advantage Partners

Safe travels Anthony!

I found the conference to be high energy, educational and worthwhile. I go to many women focused events and this one is a “not to miss” day. The integrity and effort put forth by the Anthony Rose and the Rose professional staff is exceptional. Everyone came together to support a movement. From my interactions with volunteers to world sponsors, the end result will be a day of inspiration I will never forget.

Thank you for encouraging me and our students to focus on “breaking the ceiling and touching the sky!”

Alina R. Haitz
Molloy College, NY


First off what an amazing event you and your wife have started. It was inspiring and simply amazing to hear from women who have made it! Personally it was great to hear their struggles and setbacks from other women in the workplace because I find myself in their same position! Your love and passion you have is so contiguous and inspiring! I can’t thank you enough and also Kash for allowing me the opportunity to attend! Bust of Luck and you both are amazing!

Kayla Bush

What an amazing day this was!!! Glad EY had a table there and thanks for allowing me to moderate a panel Anthony Rose!!

Shelley Westman

What an AMAZING experience yesterday at the Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky conference yesterday ! I’m inspired to prepare for annual Women in leadership conference this year ! Special thanks to our Women in leadership executive sponsor Donny Rumsby.

Toni Carter

AWESOME Conference Anthony Rose Soo encouraging to see and hear such successful women be utterly transparent about their careers, lives, challenges and successes! Thank you for bringing this to the U.S.!

Hollie Heikkinen
iWorker Innovations

Great day for advancement of women at the 2019 USA Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky. The team is supercharged right now with an arsenal of ideas how to diversify our business even more.”

Helen Davis

There is no better time to be a woman than today! Thank you Anthony Rose for your commitment and action to moving the #diversity and #inclusion needle. Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky was inspirational, candid, and empowering. I feel honored to work at a company that is committed to #diversity and #inclusion. Natalia Shuman, thank you for being an #inspirational and #innovative leader and CEO.


Theresa Anderson
Bureau Veritas

Hello Anthony,

I just want to say thank you for a wonderful engaging day. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into this event and I have to say you and your team did an amazing job! There were many moments where I was able to reflect on my career, my management practices and areas to focus/improve.
I made a few great contacts in the process. I had a great time sitting down with the table of students in the room, providing insight into Stryker and answer their many questions about how they can get to where they want to go.

You had a great group of speakers who all are filled with passion for the cause. I do have to call out the Kroger team, they are awesome and their energy/passion is contagious.

Thank you for the opportunity you have created for us all to be a part of something bigger! Being the father of two amazing daughters this hit home more than just in my career and the careers of my employees. This event will make me a better father and a better leader.

Thank you again for a great day.

Jeremy Perkins


Congratulations for the great event!

So many networking and good conversation during the day, I could not find an opportunity to shake hands with you…

I have been participating in different events, particularly with focus on Women in Science, being a speaker/panelist myself, and it was a pleasure to participate with the RB delegation , getting inspired by so many panelists at “Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky”!

Marcia D. Bole

I wanted to share with you a fantastic experience I had yesterday at the Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky Leadership Summit for Women. I was honored when Donny invited me to the Leadership Summit but had no clue the impact it would make on me personally. I took several pages of notes from the leaders who spoke, however, one in particular really stood out to me. Julie Hamilton, Global Chief Customer and Commercial Leadership Officer & Senior Vice President with The Coca-Cola Company, discussed how important it is for women to reach across the table and develop relationships with our peers, reach up to develop relationships with mentors and reach down to bring other women on the journey. As I reflected on this statement, it reminded me of the women who have personally reached down to me to bring me along their journey. I will always be grateful for them. Additionally, it made me think about who am I reaching down to bring along on my journey.

I’m grateful to work for a company who takes my professional leadership development so seriously. I truly believe this experience will change me as a leader. This Summit was well worth the time and financial investment.

Thank you for being great leaders and setting the bar high for those of us who are proud to follow.

Holly George-Thomas