RECAP OF BREAK THE CEILING TOUCH THE SKY | World Edition 2018 | Singapore

It was not only inspiring to hear the stories of so many successful women but also to experience the collective commitment of so many Global organizations to ensure success and leadership for women. This is the power of co-created PURPOSE.

Awesome insights from all the panelists and speakers

Sameer Kore

I have seen Break the ceiling, touch the sky conference go from strength to strength every year.
This year’s conference was the best yet, bringing together great participation from CEO’s, C-Suite executives, Diversity & Inclusion practitioners and founders/heads of businesses.

Anthony’s BTCTTS summit is really mobilizing a movement for building more gender balanced workplaces.

It has something for everyone –

CEO’s to learn from one another on how to drive change and progress towards gender diversity

Women who are looking for advise on how to take their careers forward and

Men who want to be champions of change

Amita Chaudhury

Thank you for a great day. My colleagues from the Jardines Group of companies had a fruitful day and I found good learnings to take back as we start our gender diversity journey.


Erin Atan
Jardine Matheson Limited

Thank you for a truly inspirational day. The highlight was the mentor speed dating and Unconscious bias panel group.

Szeman Leung

Thanks a lot for the opportunity.

I really enjoyed the summit and learnt a lot from leaders and delegates on how they drive their respective diversity/D&I/I&D agenda and create the right environment for women executives to succeed / break the Ceiling and Touch the Sky.

It was also a great platform to network and understand more about how some organizations differentiate themselves from others in the way they position gender diversity in relation to the company’s purpose, culture and performance.

I look forward to next summit.

Thank you again and kind regards,

Benoit Grouselle

Hi Anthony. I wanted to thank you immensely for inviting me to the conference. It was a day full of learning, engaging from the best of the best in the industry. You truly have a world class event with such a diversity of talent and depth of eaders/speakers . Everything was very throughtful to the minute details including the personalized handwritten messages to all the delegates just added that lovely personal touch.

This is truly a laoour of love and it clearly showed.

Wishing you all success for future events and you now have set such a high base and Im sure you will continue to overdeliver against that.


Hi Anthony. Thank you for your continual efforts to organize such a fantastic event.

As a first time attendee, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, met some incredible people and am looking forward to attend and participate next year.

The panelists were excellent mix of diverse men and women and the moderators really brought out the essence of the themes/topics.

I also liked the scattering of key notes in between the panel discussions – which made for a switch in ‘energy’ over the course of what could have been a very long day.

I would encourage you to build in more interactive sessions such as the mentoring sessions we had and leave more time for Q&A at each panel just to keep the audience fully engaged.

I hope that helps, all the very best !

Ling Wong
Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd

Thanks so much for putting together such a fantastic forum! We have indeed moved the needle when it comes to women in leadership and I think next year we can do more with the impressive line-up of speakers. Most of what have been discussed resonate well but we’d love to hear what else other top companies are doing. Perhaps one of the considerations would be for the winners of the Leonie Awards to share a case study of what’s being executed in their respective organisations.

Melissa Lim

This was a very beneficial session for me. Hearing from the leaders their personal experience, ideas and learning has broaden my perspective and thinking process. I will copy and apply the learning in my daily work and life. It was definitely a session where I would said my time was well spent.

Cleo Lim

Hi Anthony,

I’d like to show my appreciation to the seminar organized yesterday.

It was an eye opening experience for first-timers like me, getting all inspired and pumped up by the sheer congregation of aspirational leaders yesterday.

I particularly enjoyed the speed mentoring session and wished we could have more amazing mentors to be shared across more tables to enable more intimate sharing sessions.

Listening to all the shared knowledge and past experiences definitely give young ambitious women like us sort of a beacon of guiding light to navigate better in our career journey.

Definitely lots of self-reflection and revisit or the career strategy post this.

Once again, thank you so much for organizing this world edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky.

Hope we could cross paths one day again.

All the best!

Coca-Cola Far East Limited

Congratulations on another great event, Anthony Rose! 12 hours flies by when you’re actively learning, engaging and networking with a room full of accomplished and approachable leaders. Thank you to you and your team, and I’m looking forward to attending the next summit — wherever in the world that may be!

The one constructive feedback I heard was that a participant wished there was some discussion on how early education can help with issues of diversity and inclusion.

Thanks again!


Great event.

Really enjoyed the content / discussion from the first panel and the entrepreneur panel.
The speed networking session was a great opportunity to mix with and hear from leaders in industry about their personal experience and tips for building a successful career.

Screens at the back of the room broadcasting what was happening on stage would have been beneficial for those with seats not directly facing the stage.

Jim Malone
TDS Securities

It was a real pleasure to be part of this amazing day and environment. Such a crowd!

The talks were well prepared and with the right participants, and it was a delight to speak with so many interesting women at the breaks.

Thanks so much again for the invites, and please be sure that we are more than happy to keep doing our partnership for next year.

Congratulations again,and looking forward to seeing you again.

Primetime Womens Network

Hi Anthony,

Congratulations for yet another successful summit. Your intentions of driving a movement of empowered leaders based on equality, diversity and inclusion is visionary and certainly worthy of support!

Shahira Ahmed Bazari
Yayasan Hasanah

Dear Anthony,

Congratulations on yet another successful Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky Summit in Singapore. I’m so pleased that your organization continues to make such tremendous progress on issues that are vital to the core of Save the Children’s own work in gender diversity, and that you raise awareness about women’s leadership to new heights. You have done so much to drive this movement forward!

It was an honor for Save the Children to once again be the recipient of the proceeds of your book, and we were so pleased you chose us to receive entry fee proceeds from the inaugural Leonie Awards. Additionally, your generous offer of a table at the Summit allowed us to invite along corporate partners, as well as young female colleagues from our Singapore office. I’m happy to tell you that all who attended with us were inspired by the incredible speakers and they are already sharing learnings with others in their organizations.

I join my colleagues in sending my grateful appreciation for your continued support for Save the Children’s work – in India and around the world.

Thank you for your commitment and dedication.

Carolyn Miles
Save the Children