Greetings from Impact India Foundation! Zelma, our especial invitees, and I, thank you for organising a wonderful event centred on inspiring women. A truly extraordinary gift of love and commitment to your mother! The hard work of your team was evident in every detail so meticulously planned. We were overwhelmed by the kindness and hospitality displayed by your dedicated team.

The Summit provided an excellent opportunity to network with others to find common causes of interest and explore partnerships.

Thank you once again and looking forward to the next Summit!

Neelam Kshirsagar
Impact India FoundationImpact India Foundation

Thank you Anthony for conducting such an event. I’m so glad that I could be a part of it.

The topics for the panels were very interesting. However, I felt some of the panels could have been a lot better – seeded with better questions and moderation. More interactive sessions might be something to consider in the future.
That said, the first panel – I loved it and had a lot to take away from.

But most of all, it was amazing to watch, listen to and interact with so many wonderful and highly accomplished leaders. Thanks again!

Vasundhara Puttagunta

We should all be thankful to you for pulling this together for us. The most touching moment for me was your intention and the reason behind starting this initiative- “Your love for your mother” and it is amazing and inspiring to see someone so committed to a cause. Being a woman I do face challenges but take it as a part of life and never let them come in way, the speakers reinforced my belief. There’s always a solution and one needs to “ask”, ask for support and ask for justice be it a man or a woman. The interactive sessions amplified this message for me. The inspiring speakers you invited were heart touching and made a powerful impact. The topics covered were so relevant in today’s World. The supporters were as warm as you are. All this put together came as a superb package.

Personally for me, these were the take a ways and I wish you all the good wishes and positive energies to continue to reach out to more than million others.

Warm Regards,

Meenakshi Parihar
Save the Children

Dear Anthony,

I should be thanking you for holding a wonderful conference.
Congratulations to you and your team for a well organized conference.
It was a great learning experience.

Warm regards,


Dear Anthony,

My congratulations on putting together a very well curated and impactful conference. I came away very impressed and enthused that so many erudite and well known speakers were together in one room- a great opportunity for learning and sharing.

I hope to be a part of the next such conference which I know will only be better. And I do appreciate your taking the trouble to write a personal message to each one of us behind our name card! Loved this thoughtful gesture!
Best wishes

Warm Regards,

Jayanti Shukla
Chief Executive Officer | United Way Mumbai

Hi Anthony,

‪It (the 2017 India Edition) was a great event would be an understatement. It was a privilege to network and hear talented women driven with a passion to excel…..As I listened to many speakers/panelists , it was nostalgic as I remembered many among my mentors, friends and family who have made a mark on my own journey….helped me stand by my choices and helped me engage in what I love to do!!!

‪A great event and fantastic panel discussions . A few things that aced it were

• ‪All panelists/speakers sharing their personal experiences
• ‪A sizeable participation from men …. Enabling a healthy mix of perspectives from both sides
• ‪Mentor – mentees heartening acknowledgements on stage
It is always great to help ourselves remember and internalise thoughts that help make a difference!!!!

• ‪Be authentic
• ‪Being a constant learner always creates more opportunities
• ‪Embrace the dilemmas and dynamics of varying experiences

‪I am sure I will have a lot more life lessons to learn from as I read your book “Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky”.

‪ Cheers to the fantastic efforts of you and your team. It was a memorable and enriching experience
Have a great day!

Savitha Ayyappan
Philips India

Hi Anthony. I have attended so many conferences in the past but this was one of the best day spent. The speakers were great but I am amazed with the passion and commitment you have on this subject and you have a dream. In just 18 months the way you have been able to galvanize and energize the world is mind blowing.

I remember a saying – Dreaming is most important, once you dream, then entire world will go behind in making it happen for you.
Wish you success and stay connected!

Sonal Jain
Johnson & Johnson, India

Hi Anthony. It was a pleasure attending this summit, and am really glad I got the opportunity. It was heartening to see successful women share their stories of struggles and triumph.

I am a writer/director professionally, and run two NGOs on sexual violence on women and children. Even so the corporate event did not overwhelm me. In fact it was quite insightful, because irrespective of the sector, I think women face the same struggles world over.

I loved Ann Mukherjee’s survivor story. I am a sexual abuse survivor myself and earnestly champion the cause through my films and social work. So it was a great delight to hear someone’s else’s story too.

I look forward to staying in touch with you and explore possibilities of a future collaboration perhaps.
You are doing an amazing job of bridging the gender cap, And as a woman, I salute you for your dedication to us.

Thanks again.

Insia Dariwala
Writer/Director-Words & Visuals, Founder- The Hands of Hope Foundation