“A really well conceptualized and delivered summit. High quality business leaders who openly shared their own experiences and life lessons and also provided us with lots of practical tips for sustained career and personal success. This rich content ensured that the summit was an engaging experience for the delegates. Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC) is delighted to be an industry partner for the summit.”

Victor Mills
CEO, Singapore International Chamber of Commerce (SICC)

“Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky was a very focused and energetic summit. A great forum to share real life stories and techniques to help leaders, not only in the work place, but in life!”

Peter Sharp
President, Walmart Asia Realty

“It was well crafted and very inspirational… I am so glad I attended and learnt so much… Thanks Anthony for this wonderful initiative.”

Mausami Arora
HR Manager, British American Tobacco

Dear Anthony,

Many, many thanks for a fantastic summit today! What an amazing tribute to your mother you’ve created. I learned so much and had so many interesting conversations with other delegates — the topics and panelists you put together stimulated great discussion.

Unfortunately, I was personally juggling one of the earlier themes of the day — work/life balance — and I had to leave slightly early after the panel on collaboration in order to attend to my “mother” duties, but wanted to send my thanks for the privilege of attending.

Natalie Kennedy
Conjunct Consulting

What a great job you did Anthony!

I had a great time, loved your speakers, and thought it was really well done. You should be proud, and your mom would be too!

Amber Mizerak
Marketing Manager, The American Chamber of Commerce

Dear Anthony,

You did it again, congratulations! Thanks for this so inspirational day, for the quality of the speakers and the subjects, for the warm and welcoming atmosphere, for your personal touches (for example the little personal line on the badges). Thanks for this great summit, for your hard work and dedication, that made this possible…. and thanks so much for inviting me!

Managing Partner

To be frank, we had not heard of House of Rose Professional nor had we ever met Anthony. Advance promotion for the September 2016 ‘Break the Ceiling’ conference was so slick and well-organised that we were somewhat suspicious. We thought that the event might turn out to be one of those highly-charged ‘walk-on-fire’ motivational sessions. It was only because the conference had attracted such a number of prestige organisations as sponsors, and senior leaders as speakers, that we decided to invest a day in attending.

Anthony proved to be a thoroughly nice, intelligent and humble host. The guests were smart, interesting professionals and the panellists contributed deep insights into a number of aspects of leadership. We really enjoyed meeting other attendees, we made some interesting connections and we learned a lot.

If you are as we were – not knowing but somewhat dubious – don’t hesitate to sign up for the next one. We will, for sure.

Iain Martin
I.J. Martin & Co Pte Ltd, Executive Coaches for Global Business Leaders

“The 2016 world edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky was a huge success. House of Rose Professional delivered an incredible experience for the participants. It was a very rewarding day.”

Paula Dart
Vice-President, Strategy and Planning, Global Commercial Leadership, The Coca-Cola Company.

“Congratulations on a continuation of the Break the ceiling touch the sky summit success, my team really enjoyed the experience and took away some great lessons”

Paul Prendergast
ASEAN Management Consultant Managing Director, Accenture

Hi Anthony,

I wanted to drop you a note to say a HUGE THANK you from all women at CEB. It was great to meet you briefly over warm samosas . It was a wonderful meeting yesterday, some really great perspective shared, brilliant panelists and really well executed.

Suchitra Narayan
Practice Leader, CEB Asia Sales Leadership Council and Professional Services

“Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee has enjoyed being part of the Break the ceiling touch the sky journey with House of Rose Professional and learning so much from so many talented and strong individuals. We very much look forward to participating again next year.”

Stephanie Keen
Office Managing Partner, Hogan Lovells Lee & Lee, Singapore

Thanks Anthony and you should be very proud! It was a terrific event and I very much enjoyed our panel. Thanks again for making us such a part of your work for women and children everywhere.

Carolyn Miles
President & CEO, Save the Children USA

Congratulations on a wonderful summit. You did a great job organizing an event with such high profile and energetic speakers. It was very inspiring to hear all of their stories.

Dora Lui
Barclays Bank

Real stories, spoken from the heart without business words and complicated terms – that’s what I enjoyed the most from the day I spent breaking the ceiling, touching the sky. Women naturally play a leading role as home-makers, and we have to take that experience and attitude to the workplace as well. I found the importance placed by the speakers on soft skills in managing the roles very practical.

Ho Tran Da Thao
Founder, Tsafari Fashion & Lifestyle

I appreciated:
– your LOVE for people, showed through how personalised you are- from writing handwritten notes in our badges to delivering gratitude to different people
– the careful curation of amazing speakers who showed heart and soul. Ann Mukherjee was my favourite speaker.
– how you listened to feedback from previous years and created a one hour networking timeslot
– that you all had vegetarian food. Thank you for being inclusive of diverse dietary needs! And for caring to respond to my last-minute email one day before the event when you must have been super-busy
– that you donated proceeds of your book (which I bought) to Save the Children and role-modelled the beauty of GIVING
– how you are committed to doing this in memory of your mother. You teach us how to keep someone’s legacy and Light alive.
– your partnering with Athena and giving us better rates.
– you doing this as a two-person initiative. You show us how powerful ONE person is.

Vadivu Govind