Dear Anthony,

I can’t think of a better first visit to India- it was incredibly inspiring to see the collective contributions of so many amazing women – with your help we are really breaking through the ceiling.
Participating in the panel in both India and Singapore and being a true believer in the movement you’ve created is very special to me. It’s exactly the kind of convening I long imagined helping to put together one day and you’ve enabled that day to come sooner than I could have hoped. I look forward to helping however I can to continue to build momentum!

The very nature of the way the event is curated is breaking the ceiling. The raw commentary from senior leaders and the open discussion enables clear takeaways for attendees and useful advice for the leaders to apply when they return to the office.

Thank you also for your continued support of Save the Children and for taking the moment to pay tribute to your mom and our beneficiaries from the stage. We are grateful for your support and advocacy. Loved meeting your family as well – your brothers voice is absolutely spectacular!

Angeline Martyn
Head of New Partnership Development
Corporate Engagement Centre, Asia Regional Officer
Save the Children

Dear Anthony, thank you for a wonderful day. It was impressive to witness the fabulous turnout of speakers and participants all at one forum. Kudos to you just for that. The insights were great.

Lorraine Paul Khatau

“Many thanks for the amazing conference. Every delegate from Visa was awed and overwhelmed by how well the event was organized. The speakers were brilliant, engaging and insightful. It was really inspiring to be at the conference and in the presence of such successful people. It was a great learning experience for me personally

This is a great cause, one that we, at Visa also hold dearly. Wish you all the very best in your endeavor for furthering the cause across the world.

Once again, my deepest appreciation and thanks. It was absolutely lovely that you added such warmth to the entire event, especially with your hand written message on every delegate’s badge.

Rama Tadepalli
Head of Products, India and South Asia at Visa

“Coca-Cola has been a proud sponsor of Break the Ceiling Tough the Sky in Singapore and now Mumbai. As the conference grows so does the breadth and range of the of speakers and in turn the quality of the discussion. This is a critical topic for the industry as we set ourselves up for success and this summit is an important step on that journey.

Miles Wilson
Global Commercial Leadership Director
Coca-Cola Company.

“Excellently arranged conference. The handwritten notes took the cake!

Sam Balsara
Chairman, Madison World

“The BTC India summit was a catalyst in accelerating the Diversity agenda in society at large. The topics and panelists were thoughtfully chosen and the quality of conversations were truly inspiring”.

Sangeeta Pendurkar
Managing Director of Kellogg

“First of all, a BIG thank you for creating something like this and then pulling it off like no other. I have been to a lot of different forums but nowhere did I meet so many achievers at the same time. A power packed panel and super insightful discussions! I was always keen to know how Indian women ,who made it to the top, perceive and define success and how they feel other women can develop their potential in their respective fields . This summit was spot on! Thanks to YOU and your team !

Shikha Malhotra

“The convention was FANTASTIC and a wealth of knowledge and thought leadership. This isn’t just my thought, but what all our ten member team felt. Many thanks for inviting us for it.

Your note on the registration card was so thoughtful, many thanks for that too.

I have almost finished reading your book.

Do keep in touch so that I can keep learning and growing !

Priyadarshini Gupta
Diversity lead at Mondelez International