“As I said at the close, you went well beyond expectations –it was a thoroughly fascinating day. Really proud that we could be part of it, not only to support, but for our employees to listen and learn from fabulous stories and experiences. The panels idea worked superbly. You have inspired all of us.

Alex Von Behr
Chief Customer Officer, Unilever Plc.

Great Event ….Well done !!

It is really great experience to attend this event where I can learn directly all the tips from many inspiring Women Leaders as well as from Men who support Women’s development.

It is really amazing that you can gather all of them in one event and they created strong energies for us to aim high and achieve our own successes in life. My biggest AHA learnings are ask for help, ask more specifically for new assignments, work-life integration vs. work life balance, getting sponsors vs. mentors, and leverage networks’s network.

I really hope that you will bring this great training to Indonesia. There are many Women professionals that eager to share and learn from this event. Please let me know when you have this plan for Indonesia or bringing more Indonesia delegates to attend next year Singapore.

Vivi (Sylvia Rizal)
S C Johnson & Son

Hi Anthony – following the very successful event this week in Singapore I wanted to introduce you to our Chairman of India. As you look to plan the next iteration of the conference in India would be great to connect with Accenture locally and see whether it makes sense for us to play a role again.

Anika Grant

Dear Anthony,

Again, many thanks for having me invited to the extraordinary Break the Ceiling – Touch the Sky 2015 Edition. There was such an energetic atmosphere, so many powerful and useful presentations, advices and statements. I loved the authenticity and professionalism of the speakers, who did not shy away from sharing in a very humble way their most personal experiences about breaking the ceiling. This the more impressive, since they were all at top levels in their different expertise fields.

The quality of all panels was absolutely excellent (both participants and content) from start to end. And networking with the audience was also an enriching experience. What a day.

In a few words : WOW what a great job. This must really have been so much hard work, but everybody could sense your dedication and passion about it. And really a wonderful tribute to your mother, indeed!

Caroline Doyen Tiger
Tillery Sachs

“I was happy to be part of the event today and must say that it was a great way for me to hear from thought leaders and those who have walked the path before and how they did it.

Many thanks to you for putting together a great event, congrats!

Shree Mogan

The sessions were great, much enjoyed it. An excellent summit.

Yiannis Korkovelos
European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

Dear Anthony,

I thought you did a fantastic job in putting together an outstanding panel of individuals. It was engaging. While the topics are not new, I was re-energised and encouraged by the sharing of the panellists. What is important is for us to take the learnings and apply them in our daily lives!

All the best in your business and hope we have the opportunity to interact in the near future.

Best regards,
Joanne Chua
Robert Walters

“Hey Anthony! I’m feeling goose bumps for you! What a success! I know the next one will be even greater. I can only imagine the hard work involved in putting this together. I am very disappointed that I could not be there, however, very excited for your success”

Grace Hallen
delegate number one

“The summit was fantastic with 400 delegates and 43 international speakers with wide-ranging backgrounds. Meticulously designed and well thought through in terms of the topics for panel discussions as well as design and methodology which reflected in the flow and the crafting of the day. Exceedingly meaningful day for all – the speakers as well as the delegates.

Anthony: I appreciate your passion for the agenda – increasing female gender representation in workforce. I appreciate the detail with which you ensure outstanding delivery and therefore the outcome. We got a lot done yesterday in 10 hours. You had 100% attention of all. Not one person left the room ahead of closure time. It speaks volumes of the great conductor of an outstanding symphony. Thank you.”

Anuradha Challu
Vice President, HR Core Services, PepsiCo AMEA.

Thank you Anthony for having such a marvelous dream and making it come true. It’s indeed a very organized and well planned event with the amazing insightful content, which is going to and in fact is already impacting lives!

All the best.

Vicky Wang
XAct solutions

Hi Anthony,

Congratulations and well done on the successful event. It was very well managed!

My one feedback would be to have a few key speakers in between the panel discussions instead. Having 9 long panel discussion sessions can be quite tiring to listen to, follow, and pay attention to at all times. Thanks and good luck on your next adventure!
Cheryl Lee

“Big congratulations to the success of the event!!! I was moved when you (Anthony) provided your closing speech.

Thank you very much for including me as the Kellogg representative (speaker). All our Kellogg participants were so excited and fully satisfied. This will surely give the momentum to the WOK in Singapore office. I also personally learned new facts and new insights. Very much appreciated.

Yukari Inoue
Managing Director, Korea and Japan, the kellogg Company

“Congratulations on a great event yesterday, the energy and quality of discussion was excellent and a testimony to your dedication and great contacts. It was very enjoyable and I was delighted to be a part of such a great day.

Paul Prendergast

Anthony congratulations on an excellent conference. Well run, great speakers and a dynamic crowd. Julie really enjoyed it and wanted me to let you know how well organized she felt it was!

Miles Wilson
The Coca-Cola Company

First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to the Conference.

It is my first time to attend such a conference dealing with the topic on Women and success and leadership. It was truly insightful, very relatable and I did learn so much from it. To add to that, it was truly very inspirational.

The topics covered were very apt and covered most if not all of concerns of women these days.

Speakers were truly very inspiring and represented a wide range of women (ie., married, divorced, with kids, without kids, those who work for big companies and entrepreneurs). So I did understand how each segment felt and what their concerns were.

The venue was not bad at all. Food was good. Seating also allowed people to connect and interact.

I guess my only suggestion is maybe in future sessions have more opportunities for people to network. Running a short game during the long break would be fun too.

Overall, the conference was excellent. It exceeded all my expectations and I am so looking forward to the next one because they truly empower and inspire women.

Please send my congratulations to Mr. Rose! He should be extremely proud of what he does.

Diageo employee


Great speakers, and inspiring event – thank you!

Kind regards,
Celine Bouquet, P&G.