“KARMA IS BEAUTIFUL – How to turn a NO to a YES.”

It has been a roller coaster ride as an entrepreneur in the areas of PR, Publishing and People over the last nine months. I’ve been reflecting a lot on what inspired my transition from one of the greatest Companies in the world, Walmart to the tough life of a start up! . Its Karma. Karma […]

WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY Mum and other amazing women taught me that!

My Dearest friends, I wanted to share my thoughts with you on an oft quoted phrase “women hold up half the sky” and how women have influenced my own career. I was just a toddler when I began to realize that there was something very special about the way my parents related to each other. […]


* The above is content from a letter I sent out to close associates within my network recently. While a bit apprehensive of sharing the same on LinkedIn as it reflects some level of  personal content,  I am sharing it with all of my LinkedIn friends. I do believe that even if a few of […]

HE FOR SHE. My real inspirations.

Last Friday, Nov 6, I found myself standing onstage at the AMCHAM Women of Influence Conference and Awards in Hong Kong. I found myself at a loss of words (a  very rare phenomenon) as I thanked  AMCHAM for recognizing me as the 2015 “Champion for the advancement of women.” presented to me by Diana David […]

The No. 1 secret of successful people

Making a difference. Stay passionate and purposeful. This morning as I started my day I thought of an old story… A few years ago a beautiful lady would make her rounds of the streets of Mumbai, India,  carrying food for the ill, sweets for those who couldn’t afford it, and bringing good cheer in general […]


Of all the qualities I admire in a person, it’s the simple habit of “being nice”. I see this in the greatest leaders who leave their egos behind and are nice to whomever they come into contact with. Simple things matter. Last fortnight I met with a top CEO in Singapore. He’s a highly accomplished […]