Here’s a few of the comments from Anthony’s key
stakeholders and leaders he has worked with.


Anthony’s strategic counsel and sustained public relations programming highlighted Walmart’s leadership on issues like sustainability and women’s economic empowerment, and set the foundation for a more positive reputation for Walmart in Asia. He helped us effectively communicate to stakeholders, including the creation and management of an outstanding outreach plan at APEC, which elevated the image of our Company across the region. I wish him and House of Rose Professional the very best.”

Scott Price

CEO Asia and EVP & CAO International at Walmart

Just a note to say thank you so very much for supporting mothers and children in India through the book sales (of Break the ceiling touch the sky).  I am very grateful!  I gave copies of the book out to all the up and coming women leaders inside Save the Children and it was a hit! I wish you great success with all you are taking forward with the new company.”

Carolyn Miles

Global CEO, Save the Children


Anthony is first and foremost a great communicator and master at providing unique solutions with a clear focus on building the business. He did a masterful job of leading the Executive Communications program for P&G in Asia, and had several outstanding successes across the areas of Crisis Management, Brand PR/ Influencer Marketing, Employee Communications and at APEC. His creativity enabled significant savings of excise duties on the business and he was also responsible for the first ever-commercial endorsement of P&G brands by the ASEAN Secretary General. 

I have no doubt that his leadership and ability to work with very senior leaders in business will deliver outstanding value for the clients of the House of Rose Professional.” 

Deb Henretta

Group President, Global E-Business, P&G

Progress comes slowly at first, then all at once. Anthony Rose has deftly articulated the moment of empowerment currently being seized by female business leaders around the globe. The title says it all: “Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky.” That’s what Anthony and the 43 woman who shared their stories with him have done, shattering gender stereotypes in the process.”

Laura Desmond

Global CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group


“In the time we have worked together Anthony has always shown a passionate drive for results, creatively overcoming barriers when they arise. He is a clear and concise master-communicator that has enabled him to lead the ECR AP Council as a much-respected co-chair very effectively. His ability to build networks across levels will I am sure be yet another great asset he will deliver to clients of the House of Rose Professional.”

Alex Von-Behr

Global Chief Customer Officer, Unilever and former manufacturer co-chair of the ECR Asia Pacific Council

Thanks Anthony, for everything. I think this book (Break the ceiling touch the sky) may have been a cross point in your life. It seems so much positive energy and creativity has come from this adventure that you are now reaching a new dimension: closer to the sky. I do not know if our paths will cross again, but I sincerely hope so. There is something inspiring about the kind of magic you can create, as a man honoring women: I think it’s unique. Stay blessed.”

Valerie Khan

Chairperson of the Acid Survivors Foundation, Pakistan


“Great working with Anthony and the House of Rose Professional as we launched the women of Kellogg network in Asia Pacific. It was also outstanding to see the PR exposure you guided us to in the Straits Times post the Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky summit in September 2015 in Singapore, where we enjoyed contributing as well. Great holistic offering across your PR and people verticals. Best in Class. Thank you.”

Amit Banati

President, Asia Pacific at Kellogg

As PepsiCo, we care a lot about diversity and engagement as we operate in close to 200 countries with different cultures, consumers and customers.70% of our shoppers are women and we care about having them represented in decision making roles. Within this agenda it is critical to have role models for our upcoming talent.

The Sky’s the limit was created with that inspiration and we believe it will be a great book to read and refer back as needed by our talent, especially upcoming talent, male or female.

Thanks to Anthony Rose and our women leaders for participating in this project as this will leave a legacy for our talent and improve sharing and learning.”


Umran Beba

Chief Human Resources Officer, PepsiCo AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa)