Here’s a few of the comments from Anthony’s key
stakeholders and leaders he has worked with.


Dear Anthony,
It has been a fantastic event – I feel energized, inspired and more confident.

A big thank you to James Lafferty for wholeheartedly sharing his story – What an inspiration for us as leaders, colleagues and parents.

Looking forward to next year’s edition!

Jihane B


It was an absolute pleasure to have been able to attend the Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky 2019 Success and Leadership Summit for Women along with our students from Curtin University Dubai.

We had the opportunity to interact with inspiring leaders from different industries such as alizeh iqbal haider , James Michael Lafferty, Pooja Gupta, Liz Beneski, Judith Trujillo Calo and more who shared some inspirational anecdotes with us.

Kudos to the organizer Anthony Rose for creating this platform to highlight the importance of #womenempowerment , the need to empower men #workforcediversity #meritocracy and James Lafferty for highlighting the #Justdoit approach.

Our students also got to take part in a mentoring session with Luciano Poli, President at Dhow Chemicals and gained some great realistic insights on how to map out their dream career.”

Everyl Colaco

Curtin University


Dear Anthony and team,

The team and I really enjoyed our day attending the conference and listening to the many speakers sharing their stories and own professional experience.

May your journey and purpose continue to inspire people to take actions to improve the gender balance (among other things).

Lyna Brahimi

MBC Group

A truly successful summit! Great networking and discussion of real issues and how leading D&I champions are leading them! Onwards and upwards Anthony Rose. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to moderate a panel and let’s continue the journey of what is right #genderparity

Delel Chaabouni