Rhonda Wong

CEO, Anthill Realtors

Rhonda-Wong_300x300At the age of 29, Ms. Rhonda Wong founded her own real estate agency, Anthill Realtors Pte Ltd, in June 2014. Responsible for the overall management of the agency, Rhonda also works directly with developers to ensure their products are of value and high standards of quality.

Rhonda graduated with a BBA from the University of Michigan, with majors in Finance, Entrepreneurial and minors in Economics and Accounting.

Prior to the establishment of Anthill Realtors Pte Ltd, Rhonda’s first job was in a proprietary trading firm in Chicago, working on the exchange floors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade. She then became an electronic trader of treasury bonds. Following which, she moved back to Singapore and worked on a few businesses including children’s education in Suzhou, China; retail in Singapore; import and export of equipment’s from USA and acted as a consultant for a few of her parents’ businesses.

Rhonda started investing in properties from the age of 23 and subsequently became an extremely successful real estate sales person at 27.

Rhonda’s personal interests include outdoor sports, including rock climbing, diving and rafting, as well as music.