Joanne Soo

CEO, ACE Adventure who summited Mt. Everest

Joanne-Soo_300x300Joanne Soo, Director of Ace Adventure Expeditions Pte Ltd, is a woman who is profoundly passionate about mountain climbing. She was introduced to trekking at a young age and continues to engage in it after she started her full time employment with a local recreational club where she organised nationwide sporting events. She stayed on with the club for 8 years before deciding to chart her own course.

Joanne did not want to be just an event organiser, she wants people to keep fit and stay healthy as she strongly believes that a fit and healthy person tends to be happier and more productive at work. She set up Ace Adventure in year 2000 to specialize in organising adventure races and mountain climbing activities.

In 2004, Joanne joined a team of Singapore women to form the first Singapore women’s team to scale Mount Everest. She summitted Mount Everest on 22nd May 2009 as part of Singapore’s first allwomen’s team, the Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET). In the autumn of 2011, Joanne successfully led an all-Singaporean team to summit Mt Ama Dablam (6812m) – acclaimed for one of the most technically demanding peaks in Nepal.

Joanne enjoys the serenity she experiences in the mountains and the teamwork displayed through the camaraderie of mountaineering mates. Her mountain climbing journey has raised her personal awareness on self-discipline, accountability, resilience, and humility. Riding on her climbing experience, Joanne develops adventure programmes for educational institutions and corporations to bring the sport of climbing closer to students and working adults. For her, climbing is intensely personal so the process must be challenging, rewarding and also enjoyable.