Sonia Osborne

International Nutrition Consultant

Sonia OsborneSonia is a Singapore-based Nutrition Consultant who successfully coaches high-level executives throughout the region to achieve wellness, whilst managing the rigours of corporate life. As a busy working mum of two boys she understands first hand how hard the juggle can be.

Sonia had over 20 years experience in the areas of nutrition, food development, psychology and physical education in Australia before moving abroad. She worked both corporately and clinically, before establishing her own consultancy 8 years ago.

Sonia’s approach is unique. It embraces “Health at Every Size” versus aesthetic restraints, ‘real food’ versus medicating, and psychological change versus short-term restrictive diets. Her methods create positive lifestyle changes.

Sonia has witnessed firsthand the burgeoning health issues and failure of most conventional methods. She is testament to the fact that one’s health is usually the price paid for corporate success and aims to break this vicious trend.