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Dr. Sherri Malouf

Owner and Master Trainer, SMS, Inc.


Entrepreneurial and seasoned professional trainer and consultant with over thirty years experience. Highly effective working with different levels of people in a variety of industries. Expertise includes training & consulting, design & development, marketing & sales, and business management & leadership. Has designed a validated tool for assessing the quality of the leader-follower relationship.

Consulting & Training
Easy going, approachable and authentic training and consulting style. Quickly grasps situational dynamics and adapts to meet current needs delivering consistently high quality services. Challenges people to deepen knowledge & self-understanding to increase their effectiveness.

Co-designed and co-led team building session with the management team of a large pharmaceutical company in Puerto Rico and conducted team building with the sales group as part of a two-day sales conference. As a result, the culture of the sales organization changed from competitive to cooperative, the sales people started sharing information and leads, and reported an immediate 12% increase in sales.

Led a team of trainers who delivered negotiations training to the top 500 salespeople in a fortune 50 organization. Program helped change the culture of the sales organization.

Co-led a year-long customized intervention with the Employment and Training Administration in the US Department of Labor. Project purpose was to build a collaborative leadership group – the Policy Council with Civil Servants who had 20 to 30 years of government experience. Intervention included needs analysis, executive coaching, organizational design consulting, collaboration training, and performance improvement.

Has experience working with various functions: legal, HR, procurement, engineering, sales, marketing, IT, production, R&D, customer service, finance, etc.

Manages the SMS International licensees, which includes multinational business contracts, writing and negotiating licensee contracts, and maintaining quality of delivery worldwide.

Designed and delivered highly customized 5-day program for the Joint Interests Managers of the Operated by Others Group at Fortune 5 oil company. This multinational leadership program focused on an influence process for building the relationship with partners. Also, consulted on a difficult partner relationship. This resulted in an immediate improvement of the business relationship, which represented 15% of the company’s total revenues and was recognized by the Presidents of both companies.

Past and current clients include: Commonwealth of Mass., NIH, Lederle Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, ETA, Stratus Computers, Mitre, CIGNA, Compaq Computer, DEC, MCI, P&G, Estee Lauder, General Signal, Bank of Montreal, BBN/GTE, MIT Lincoln Labs, ExxonMobil, Harvard Business School, Tyco, Syngenta, AS&E, IFC, World Bank Group, Stryker Pharmaceutical, Direct Energy, Fannie Mae, HB Fuller.


PhD in Human Development, School of Leadership, Fielding Graduate University, 2019.
MPhil in Management Research, University of Bath, Great Britain, 1986.
BSc in Economics and Law from the University of Plymouth, Great Britain, 1983.