Rosona Melendez Colon

Rosana Melendez Colon

Senior Director, Human Resources, Walmart Puerto Rico


Rosana Melendez joined Walmart 26 years ago as Assistant Buyer. Since then, as typical for Walmart, she has been in different positions within the Merchandising, Marketing and Human Resources Divisions. For the past 4 years, Rosana has been the HR Senior Director
of PR’s largest employer. Together with her competent team, she manages the HR affairs of more than 10K engaged and proud Walmart associates.


The key to Rosana’s success is her determination to follow her dreams, resilience to overcome whatever challenges come her way, capacity to communicate at any level, eye for discovering talent and then bringing out the best in them.


Rosana is also a strong believer in giving back. Presently she is chair of the Board of Governors of United Way of Puerto Rico, an organization very close to her heart.


Despite the many demands of her professional life, Rosana manages to maintain a healthy balance with her personal life. She loves traveling, cooking and attending sports with her favorite football player, her son and coach, her husband.