Rohini Laya Venkateswaran

Associate Director – Sales Leader for Modern Retail & E Business

Rohini heads Sales for the Modern Retail and E channel business for the India operations of US Multinational, Procter and Gamble. Procter and Gamble is the largest consumer goods company in the world. Well-known brands from the company are Tide, Ariel, Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Gillette, Whisper, Vicks and Pampers. P&G is headquartered in Mumbai and has manufacturing / sales locations all across India.

Rohini joined the company in 2005, after a post-graduate Diploma in Management from SP Jain, and has diverse experiences across P&G operations in India and the US where she has helped grow the business through her passionate leadership. She started her career with distributor sales in TN and Haryana followed with a trade marketing stint with Olay while working on launching Wella into India. She then moved to the US working on the international Walmart business. She came back to lead the modern retail business for India followed by a north regional sales stint to set up distributor operations before taking over as the modern retail and E business leader.

Rohini is married to Siddharth and has one daughter – Ria who is 8 months old and resides in Mumbai. Her passions include travel (28 countries and counting), fitness and cooking among other interests (most significant is to travel the world to ride roller coasters).