Maureen Lippe

Founder and CEO, Lippe Taylor

Maureen is obsessed with cracking the code on what makes women buy one brand and not another. A former fashion and beauty editor, brand spokesperson and TV personality, she’s always been fascinated with understanding the total woman — physically, emotionally and spiritually. Maureen is dedicated to discovering the most impactful ways to connect brands with women, their families, and their health and wellness.

Maureen began her career in beauty editorial and left a lasting impression; as beauty & health at Harper’s Bazaar she was the first editor to incorporate health content into beauty pages, and as fashion editor at Vogue she forecasted trends to America’s top fashion designers. She also made her mark in the beauty industry; at Shiseido she led new product development, packaging and studying how trends effect purchase decisions.

Maureen went on to become a spokesperson for major brands including Clairol, Dove, and P&G, and an on-air personality for ABC-TV’s “Live with Regis Philbin.” Maureen not only performed the first TV makeover, she also completed over 2,000 transformations around the country appearing on local and national TV. And her weekly segment wasn’t simply focused on the external — she worked with women on exercise and diet, body image, self-esteem and personal empowerment. Throughout her career, Maureen has been a trailblazer in studying women, inside and out.

Maureen founded Lippe Taylor in the early 1990’s, motivated by the lack of PR/marketing innovation she witnessed as an editor. In this role, she provides direct counsel to Fortune 500 executives who seek to understand what really matters to women and how to reach and impact them.  This passion for understanding, engaging and supporting women has been the consistent thread throughout Maureen’s career.  By developing creative strategies for connecting with consumers, Maureen has successfully launched more than 500 brands. She has provided high-level, brand-building solutions for global leaders including Procter & Gamble, RB, Clairol, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan, Nestle, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Intel, Kmart, Lenovo and Nordstrom.

From product development and consumer product marketing, digital communications and issues management, Maureen has helped her clients decode the female consumer to build brands and grow sales. Several years ago, Lippe Taylor partnered with a leading social influencer platform to introduce the “Lippe Taylor She Speaks Women’s Buying Behavior Index,” which continues as ongoing research and is frequently picked up by top media. With this proprietary research, Maureen continues to study women’s purchasing habits and anticipate trends.  What she is most proud of is the impact she’s had on helping women throughout her impressive career.

Maureen is deeply committed to cause/purpose related marketing and providing brands with meaningful counsel and connections. In addition, she was the only non-physician board member of the Skin Cancer Foundation, and served on the boards of Step Up Girls Network, Fashion Group International, Cosmetic Executive Women, and the Women’s Venture Fund, and was honored by the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation as a Woman Who Cares. Maureen also sits on the board of the PR Council and is a member of the Arthur W. Page Society.

Maureen is also a supporter of multiple women-focused charities such as Save The Children, Unicef, Look Good / Feel Better and Step Up Network for Girls which she has aligned with brands like Elizabeth Arden, P&G, RB, and IKEA.  Maureen has worked for many years with Women in Need where she spearheaded multiple inner city initiatives aimed at elevating women and their children out of poverty and into private housing.  Maureen also founded The SHEQUALITY Project, which she founded to help women executives rise in the ranks by empowering them to demand change at their companies with a robust agenda of topics including equal pay, family leave, sexual harassment and the myriad challenges facing women particularly in the PR industry and helping to ensure that the future generation of female leaders have the mentorship and opportunity to build their careers and realize their ambition, whatever that may be.

Maureen wants her colleagues and clients to walk into Lippe Taylor and feel like they’ve stepped into their second home. To do so, she has considered every detail of her unexpected and innovative loft offices, which have been featured on NBC LiveTime Out and As a mother and wife, Maureen knows the importance of a work/life balance and encourages colleagues to have lives outside of the office. Not surprisingly, Lippe Taylor continues to win the “Top Places to Work in PR. A strong believer in mutual trust and respect, she has created a unique culture of consideration that begins within the agency staff and extends to all of her clients.