Gunjan Trivedi


Gunjan has pursued wellness over a decade while pursuing his corporate life with P&G across some of the biggest economies and countries (the US, Japan, Singapore, China & India). Gunjan has a master’s degree in Marketing (MBA) and Computer Engineering (MS) from Michigan State University, USA. He is also a certified PMP (Project Management Professional).
Gunjan is also a Certified NLP Trainer (ANLP India, ECNLP), Advanced Life Coach, a Trainer in Sound Healing (using Himalayan Singing Bowls) and a Certified Yoga Instructor. He is passionate in working with groups and in developing people, nurturing talent and in creating awareness about various aspects of wellness. He conducts workshops in Sound Healing, NLP, Life Coaching and Emotional Wellbeing for leaders. His interests include studies in the area of human energy, physiology and emotions. Gunjan also coaches entrepreneurs in the area of strategy, technology, goal setting and emotional wellbeing and integrates his vast global experience in technology, business services, marketing and process with energy healing modalities.
At present, he is working on identifying how healing modalities impact emotional and mental wellbeing and works with medical community to study how energy healing modalities impact emotional well-being. His workshops often include human energy measurement devices (Bio-Well GDV camera, heart rate variability and sleep analysis tools) to demonstrate the effectiveness of the interventions.
He has played active sports (led Gujarat Under-15, Under-19 and University cricket teams) and his hobbies include travel, graphology (handwriting analysis) and Indian Classical Music (he is learning Tabla at snail’s speed since childhood!).