Dr Indigo Triplett

CEO, 4D Performance

Dr Indigo Triplett, CEO of 4D Performance has achieved great success as a leader, author and speaker. Consulting companies come and go, but under Dr. Indigo’s leadership, her company thrived and experienced consistent growth. In 2012, 2013 and 2014, her US company was recognized as one of America’s Fastest Growing Companies by INC. Magazine. She grew a homebased training practice into a thriving multimillion dollar performance management consulting firm. Indigo is admired for her down-to-earth methods and techniques, but perhaps more known as an authentic leader who tackles organizational development and workforce topics.  Stateside to abroad–from Atlanta, Georgia to Shanghai, China–she delivers a message and philosophy that is insightful; thus, resonating with people at every tier of their career or within an organization.

As the author of Playing by the Unwritten Rules I: Moving from the Middle to the Top andPlaying by the Unwritten Rules II: From a Job Defense to a Career Offense, she is a leading authority on career management. Dr Indigo has spoken both nationally and internationally for clients and at conferences; whereby, her books are purchased by individuals and clients in quantities of 1 to 1,000 copies per order. Noted for “making the implicit explicit” and injecting humor into her subject matter, she is called upon by nationally recognized magazines, newspapers, television and radio outlets.

Dr Indigo recently launched 4D Performance in Malaysia, which mirrors her US company. Based on her research, she believes that Asia is primed to be the next global economic power. However, she also believes that there must be a shift in how the Asia workforce is prepared for this growth and global competitiveness. She further believes that a foundation built on performance and productivity will create sustainability. This means leveraging diversity, creating inclusion, developing an agile workforce that is empowered, creative and life-long learners are essential. It is not what a person knows but what s/he is willing to learn that will move an organization forward. She received her Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University and holds a MA in Organizational Development from Webster University.