Debra Soon

Chief Customer Officer, Mediacorp Pte Ltd

Ms Soon has over 25 year experience in the media and communications industry.

She was appointed Managing Director of Channel NewsAsia in March 2009 and was concurrently Chief Editor of Channel NewsAsia Singapore and Channel NewsAsia International. In November 2014, in an organizational change aimed at increasing the company’s focus on customers and future growth opportunities, Ms Soon has been appointed as Head of News Segment. In that role, she was responsible for the programming, branding, marketing and distribution of Channel NewsAsia, TODAY newspaper and 938LIVE radio station.

In January 2017, she is appointed Chief Customer Officer to oversee the Customer Group which comprises all the products and brands within the English, Chinese and Community Audience segments, and is also concurrently overseeing the Family Segment (English) that manages the properties under it – Channel 5, GOLD905, CLASS95 and 8 Days.

Channel NewsAsia (International), launched in September 2000, is the international broadcasting arm of Channel NewsAsia Singapore.  It is now viewed in 26 territories across Asia.  The satellite footprint of the channel stretches across the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia and Australia.  Ms Soon is responsible for the entire business operations of the channel.

She started in broadcast journalism with the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation.  Her range of experience includes reporting on ‘live’ events in Singapore and from overseas; ‘live’ talk shows, leading general elections coverage and being Editor and presenter of “In Parliament”.  She rose to the position of Executive Editor in MediaCorp News, where she led and directed the daily news operations of the Singapore newsgathering team for its TV news platforms.  She left in 2005 to take up another appointment in the corporate world, before re-joining MediaCorp News as its Chief Editor in 2008.