Caroline McLaughlin

Director of Partnerships at Asia Venture Philanthropy Network

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Caroline McLaughlin is ​the Director ​of Partnerships ​at​ ​the Asia Venture Philanthropy Network. She was born in Australia​ and has also lived ​and ​​worked in ​Vienna, London, Istanbul, Dubai, Atlanta and ​has lived in Singapore​ since early 2015.

Whilst in Atlanta,​ Caroline​was one of the founders of the Ribbons of Hope, Invest In Women Foundation, which supports women and girls’ organizations​ with an annual $100,000 grant​. She was also on the board of a NGO called the Global Village Project, which assists refugee girls with access to eduction. She ​was the chairwoman of​ the​International Women of Istanbul and​ also​s​tarted the first international professional women’s networking group​ in Istanbul. She has been on the board of PrimeTime, one of the most established women’s networking groups in Singapore, and ​also on ​the executive committee of ​the INSEAD Alumni Association of Singapore.

She joined AVPN early this year as their new Director of Partnerships. AVPN is a a membership network ​​headquartered in Singapore that seeks to increase the flow of financial, human and intellectual capital to the social sector, and to improve the social impact effectiveness of members across the Asia Pacific region.​ ​We have over 290 members from 30 different countries ​and have buil​t​a cross-sector network bringing together organisations and individuals from finance, business and the social sector. Our members include private equity firms, private banks, wealth management institutions, other financial services organisations, professional service firms, family businesses, corporations, foundations, universities and government related entities.
​Caroline completed her undergraduate degree ​at the University of NSW ​in Australia and has an MBA from INSEAD.​