Brian Peters

former Mr Universe, Financial Sales Guru

I am a former Mr. Universe. I’ve bodyguarded the Rolling Stones, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Yet when it came to the cold calling sessions on a Friday to make appointments for the following week, I was a nervous wreck. I found it incredibly stressful. I was 30 years old, had just left teaching and had joined this industry, thinking, ‘What have I done?!’. At the same time I was facing the challenge of paying bills every month. I knew there had to be a better way.

After hundreds (which turned into thousands) of hours I developed my own referral system and retired at the age of 38. I was the top consultant every year for 7 years in a company of 4000. Soon I traded my £300 car for my first Porsche (I got to keep the trade in!). With my unique referral system, I went on to become the top earning consultant in Asia.

Being sensitive and hating cold calling was my savior. I am now called upon constantly to teach this technique that gets my clients to break through the frustration of cold calling and gets them record breaking numbers.