As Trustee and Managing Director of Hasanah, YBhg. Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari works together with a network of civil society organisations to create positive long-term and sustainable impact within Malaysia’s social and environmental landscapes. Hasanah invests in the following focus areas – Education, Community Development, Environment, Arts & Public Spaces, and Knowledge & Research. Under Dato’ Shahira’s leadership and guidance, Hasanah has assisted more than 1 million lives in Malaysia since its inception in 2015, alongside humanitarian relief initiatives.


Dato’ Shahira’s role to Hasanah evolved out of her nine-year tenure at Khazanah between 2006 – 2015, where her last held position was Director in the Managing Director’s Office, in which she was instrumental in the setting up of Hasanah between 2013 – 2015. Prior to Khazanah, Dato’ Shahira led a regional role in Public Affairs for Procter & Gamble Malaysia; and also worked in a private think-tank at the start of her career.


Personally, Dato’ Shahira is a big advocate and voice for the power of collaboration in the third sector. Driven by this virtue, Hasanah, under Dato’ Shahira’s leadership, has galvanised various multi-stakeholder social projects in the country, under the Public-Private-People-Partnership (PPPP) Model.  Today, within her current capacity, Dato’ Shahira also serves as a Trustee on the Boards of several social-based organisations in Malaysia.


Dato’ Shahira holds a Bachelor of Arts from the International Islamic University Malaysia, and M.A. in Public Communication from American University, Washington D.C., United States, and has completed the Cambridge Business Sustainability Management Course from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom.