Gabriella Planojevic 

Global Talent and Development Director, Aramex

A passionate advocate of people growth and finding purpose in all that we do, Gabriella brings her professional experience in the fields of Learning, Talent and Organisational development to future proof the organisations she supports.

Engaged with Aramex for the past two years, her clear mission has been to bring people to the forefront, and ensure they are on the strategic agenda at all times. She has focused on bringing structure, science and data to the learning and talent space, whilst looking out for the sweet spot where strategy meets the individual aspirations of the company’s talents. She is a determined ambassador for diversity as a strategic asset, and advocates for inclusive leadership behaviors in the workplace.

She sees her role as a match maker of opportunities, enabling talents to learn through and within their roles, enabled by the right tools and an inclusive environment, encouraged towards active experimentation, curious to learn from each other, and most importantly guided by empowering, inclusive leaders. It is this combination of personal drive, tools and leadership that will enable Aramex to become an incubator of future diverse leaders, and she is intent of seeing that happen.