RECAP OF BREAK THE CEILING TOUCH THE SKY | World Edition 2017 | Singapore


Thank you for the opportunity Anthony – the feedback from people I spoke to was incredibly positive. On a personal level some excellent connections made and a great day for reinforcing so many of the great tools, techniques and traits for leadership. Congratulations and well done to you and the team for a successful event.

Sian Brown

Barclays. (panelist)

Dear Anthony,
Thank you for organizing such a fantastic and meaningful event.
The speakers were all amazing and I have learnt so much, as well as met some incredible people in this event. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into coordinating and facilitating everyone, and I am very grateful that House of Professional dedicates so much into helping young women such as myself, and providing us with the knowledge and tools to excel and Touch The Sky!
Thank you very much!

Kirthana Ganeson



A truly great leadership summit for female and male leaders to discuss gender diversity within their organizations and enhance the leadership skills of their women leaders. Honoured to be a part of it and looking forward to the next Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky summit. Thank you Anthony Rose and all of my panelists Peter Sharp Brian Henderson Sarita Singh Sonia Osborne and Jean Woo.

Emma Dale

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Prospect

Thank you, Anthony Rose, for the opportunity to be a part of Break the Ceiling movement as a speaker and mentor. And congratulations on yet another successful summit – the room was full of energy. As one of the panelists said, just good intent is not enough to take us closer to gender diversity, there has to be a deliberate effort. I hope all these wonderful discussions will translate into actions.

Madhulika Mathur

Mathur, Co-Founder,



I wanted to congratulate you for the success of the 2017 World Edition of Break the ceiling touch the sky and the impact you have and will generate around diversity. Coty is delighted to partner with Break the ceiling touch the sky as it truly represents our values and our purpose to celebrate the diversity of beauty. Amazing job by the House of Rose Professional team.

Max Amen

General Manager, Coty Professional Beauty

An inspiring Pink afternoon @Break the Ceiling Touch the Sky summit hearing from woman leaders around the world sharing their experiences with us. Every single woman I spoke to at the summit was blown away by this summit even though it was 12 hours long!
Now THAT’S saying a lot! Congratulations on a tremendously successful summit !!!

Linda Nguyen Schindler

Chief Operating Officer, FirstCOUNSEL


Thank you for organising such a great conf! It was amazing and I cant believe how many wonderful people I have met and the great lessons and insights gained! Look forward to the future of things and of course 2018’s break the ceiling!

Shobna Chandran


Fantastic event Anthony Rose, great sharing and learning from leaders, both male and female. I was really encouraged by the interest and discussion in our tech panel. Thanks for creating and executing an incredible forum!

Michelle Simmons

General Manager of Southeast Asia New Markets at Microsoft


House of Rose Professional did a wonderful job with Break the Ceiling, Touch the Sky 2017. The importance of such a summit should not be underestimated; in particular to achieve our shared objective – to build a pipeline of women leaders.

Stephanie Keen

Singapore Managing Partner and Asia Pacific Head of Private Equity