Banish the 6 reasons why women don’t succeed…and leverage the 6 reasons they do. 

Over two years of research for my best selling book (Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the world’s most inspirational women) and 360 degree feedback from close to 2000 women professionals out of 35 face to face events with women, here’s what author and business leader Anthony A. Rose discovered:


  1. Putting everything else before self: Family, partner, in-laws; women are quite selfless when it comes to investing in others versus themselves. Every need of the family is a priority, and most women’s needs come last; there, but unrecognized and unrealized.  When a woman earns she reinvests over 80% into her family/community. When a man does, that investment is under 40%. Investing in self development  (for a woman) is often the lowest priority!
  1. Juggling far more priorities versus men: It comes down to simple maths. Men are focused on fewer, and are able to put in more focused hours at work. In many cultures, women have to balance the kids, work, playing a supporting role to a more ambitious partners career. Ultimately this leaves fewer hours for work. Less work equals less career progress.
  1. Believing  ‘networking’ to be superficial and lacking in authenticity:  Women crave authenticity and dislike the superficial.When was the last time a female friend stopped off at your work desk and asked you to get coffee with her and while having coffee talked a couple of business items, resolved them and “got the work done?” Likely not so recent.
  1. Underestimating their potential: Ask a room full of executives (male and female) as to who is ready for the next level, likely 100% of the men in the room will raise their hands. Not women. Women are more introspective and often underestimate their potential. Mentors to women leaders often see (and advocate) for women on the basis of potential they spot in the person that the woman herself does not see in herself.
  1. It is only in the last decade that women have access to senior female mentors: The number of women in leadership positions is far less than that of men. Only a little above 4% of the world’s leading companies are run by women.  This is improving, but slowly.  This means that there are fewer women leaders available as mentors to younger women.
  1. Being with a partner who always prioritizes his career over hers. For many women the challenge is that her man expects her career to take a backseat to his. The result is predictable for the woman – career stagnation.


  1. Making a difference: Every single woman I have spoken to in the last 3 years, somewhere in the conversation emphasized the importance to her of “making a difference” via her career. Irrespective of country, culture or economic status, this concept   reverberated in every conversation.
  1. Thinking big:  Women are BIG thinkers.  In my research for my book Break the ceiling touch the sky, I was amazed to discover that women have consistently re defined innovation. COBOL, the first computer language, Kevlar, the windscreen wiper, structure of penicillin, all female innovations at work.
  1. Giving and taking support: Women have an ease of doing this that comes naturally. They see this as authentic and credible. The most inspirational and successful women are expert at asking for support and giving it, building incredibly strong support systems that enable them to manage the many priorities they must balance enroute to the top.
  1. Leveraging a leadership compass. A set of values as operating ‘compass’ are evident in the success of women. ‘Driven to succeed as a professional and driven to make a difference in the community’  is how one amazing female leader described the benefit of having values that serve as guide during the most challenging of times.
  1. Delivering results: Women at the top know that to be credible, they must deliver results. “Once you secure that credibility, it becomes easier to get great assignments, approach potential mentors and ultimately aspire to bigger successes,” one such inspirational woman shared with me.
  1. Focusing on the positive and never give up: On the resilience scale, women are incredible.  One of my favorites interviews was with Valerie Khan, Chairperson of the Acid Survivors Foundation of Pakistan. She shared, “There will always be challenge in a career. What is important is that you focus on the positive and never stop believing you can do it.” Valerie lives in one of the more dangerous cities in the world, works daily with acid attack survivors, street children victims of child sexual abuse, yet her positivity rarely wavers.


Anthony Rose is Founder Chairman CEO of the House of Rose Professional, a business consultancy that specializes in Public Relations, Publishing and People. Anthony’s passion is to leverage his communication skills for good. All royalties from book sales of BREAK THE CEILING TOUCH THE SKY: success secrets of the world’s most inspirational women go to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

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