10 success secrets of the worlds most successful women

They make a difference: For the most successful women on the planet, a job is not simply a job, its an opportunity to make a difference in as many lives as they can. Purpose drives much of what they do, lead and act. As a result, the loyalty and commitment they are able to generate from those they lead is of an entirely different level.

They have clear goals and a game plan for success: They know that winning in life and at work requires a plan. A plan that is sufficiently flexible to allow for the uncertain times we live in, yet that provides an anchor to negotiate the many challenges that will be thrown at them and that they will successfully negotiate.

They take responsibility for their own success: They do not play victim, because they know its a waste of time. Instead they OWN their own success. They focus on the job in hand, the project in hand and do the best with what they have, wherever they start from. They hold themselves and others accountable.

They learn from the best mentors: Way, way faster than their peers. They acknowledge that learning from someone who has already walked the path is way more efficient than re-inventing the wheel but are not limited by those learnings. They believe that reverse-mentors can be as powerful as mentors too, and are humble enough to ask for help. They actively seek out great mentors and leverage them at all stages of their careers.

They master the art of balance: They optimize their time and resources in the delicate balance between work and life. They focus on what needs to be done and also know what “not to do”. The invest in the right relationships that they know will sustain them and support them not just over the short term but for life.

They think big and take calculated risks: They have a clear vision, can articulate that vision and are able to take calculated risks to achieve that vision, providing their teams the reassurance that the risk is worth the return. They combine head with heart to neutralize the negativity of naysayers.

They collaborate. They give and take support. They know they can go further if they have the support systems and collaboration of their peers and organizations. They give and take support. They enter conversations with a clear idea of the value they bring to the table. They offer help and ask for help.

They network, they influence. The most successful women network. They see that as critical to influence without command or authority. They build networks of trust and mutual benefit. They are generous in sharing these networks with the people in their lives who matter. They make sincere networking integral to how they do business.

They focus on the positive: They never give up: Failure is not an option, learning is. And when they fail, these leaders rapidly take away life lessons from that experience to enable the next success. They know that success is directly proportional to determination, a great work ethic and resilience.

They find the right life partner: They know that of all the success principles in life, having the support of a great life partner can be an amazing enabler for success. They respect themselves, believe in themselves and are careful with their personal choices. They know that this very important personal choice they make can impact their entire life.


Anthony A Rose is the founder Chairman of the Singapore-based House of Rose Professional and the best selling author of Break the ceiling touch the sky: success secrets of the worlds most inspirational women which was published in 2014 in support of Save the Children and in memory of his late mother. Since then Anthony has successfully evolved the book into the fastest growing international summit for women leaders – Break the ceiling touch the sky® – the success and leadership summit for women®. Since 2014, Anthony has directly coached or empowered over 7000 women leaders across the world via his book and the summit.

In 2018 Break the ceiling touch the sky®-the success and leadership summit for women® will go on a world tour to Australia, UAE, India, USA, UK and Singapore. Anthony hopes to directly enhance the skills for success of 2500 women leader ambassadors through the tour and further impact an additional 50000 women leaders via their circles of influence around the world. Over 250 of the worlds most successful companies are expected to participate with the worlds most successful brands expected to lead as sponsors. Over 200 C suite leaders are being handpicked as coaches and speakers for the tour. Companies and leaders wishing to be part of this movement can sign up for the summit via www.houseofroseprofessional.com .Registration for the Australia Edition (March 13, 2018 in Sydney) and UAE Edition (April 11, 2018 in Dubai) are already open at www.houseofroseprofessional.com

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