Dawn Tan Ly-Ru

Founder, ADTLaw Llc

DAWN TAN LY-RU founded boutique commercial law firm ADTVANCE LAW LLC in 2013. ADTVANCE has expertise in a broad range of areas including complex commercial disputes including banking, company, shareholder and property disputes, corporate insolvency and restructuring, and shipping. Recently, in collaboration with the US Embassy, ADTVANCE completed reports on Arbitration in Singapore and the Singapore International Commercial Court for the US Department of Commerce.

Dawn graduated with First Class Honours from the National University of Singapore Law School and subsequently the Harvard Law School. She has worked with Singapore’s legal giants including world- renowned arbitrator Mr Michael Hwang, S.C. (presently Chief Justice of the Dubai International Financial Centre’s Courts), Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon and clerked for former Chief Justice Yong Pung How and the Judges of Appeal of the Singapore Court of Appeal, Singapore’s apex court. She then served as a Registrar in the Supreme Court Registry and concurrently took up teaching appointments at the NUS Law School and the Singapore Management University Law School. Whilst with the Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry on an Administrative Service posting, she negotiated Singapore’s Free Trade Agreements with Panama, Chile, New Zealand and Brunei (then known as the “Pacific 4”, the forerunner of the TPP), India, Kuwait and Pakistan. She also advised on the legality of anti-dumping measures against Singapore companies.

Prior to setting up ADTVANCE, Dawn was a Partner in Rajah & Tann LLP, where she was involved in several complex and high-profile commercial disputes. Working closely with the then managing partner of Rajah & Tann, Mr Steven Chong, S.C. (formerly the Attorney-General and now a High Court Judge) and Mr Sundaresh Menon, S.C. (now the Honourable The Chief Justice), Dawn was Singapore co- counsel in SIAC arbitrations and an ICC arbitration, acting for a government on a contractual dispute arising from a bid for a complex and large-scale construction project in which the claim was valued at more than USD500 million and the counterclaims USD1 billion.

In addition to her growing practice which recently entered into an alliance with a leading global law firm, Dawn is an active Member of the Board of Directors of the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce. The SICC Board comprises a cross-section of the most influential business people in Singapore. She has acted pro bono in criminal matters including capital appeals.