THE 7 FORCES SHAPING THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE: What are the top SEVEN macro trends shaping our future world and the world of business in specific. What are the top challenges and opportunities and CEOs need to prepare for now? The top CEOs layout the context of a future world that will demand far higher innovation, resilience and adaptability
THE FUTURE OF LEADERSHIP, TALENT AND WORKPLACES: What are the growth industries for the future? How will organizations attract, retain and groom their leadership talent?. How will the world’s most successful organizations learn and train leaders to lead and their organizations to lead? Where does Asia figure in this competitive landscape? How will workplaces evolve over the next decade?

THE FUTURE OF TECHNOLOGY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND HUMAN EMOTION: How is technology disrupting business models across the world. How are the worlds most successful companies integrating artificial intelligence and human emotion to win in the market place? What are the critical tech related skills every GM/ key executive should learn NOW and make sure her/his teams learn too?
THE FUTURE OF CONNECTING WITH CONSUMERS: How will companies adapt to market, sell and attract in a world of ever shorter attention spans? In a virtual world would size matter or not? In an “always on” era where crisis can decimate brands and Corporate reputations instantly what are the disruptive techniques that brands and organizations could use to win the hearts of consumers? What does the future of retail and marketing looking like?
THE FUTURE OF BEAUTY, HEALTH AND WELLNESS: How will the beauty, health and wellness industries transform consumers lives in the next decade. How will beauty and health crossover? What is the significance of wellness and health in the lives of future leaders. Cutting edge techniques for leaders to operate at peak performance.
THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY, TRANSPORT AND ENERGY: Will sustainability become an even bigger competitive advantage for companies in the future? How will the transport industry reinvent itself. What role will energy companies play in saving the planet? What are the sustainability best practices every senior executive must deploy for competitive advantage. An insight into the hottest new sustainability products and practices that are driving competitive advantage for companies that are winning globally via sustainability.
THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS CONTINUITY AND SECURITY: With acts of terror being more prevalent across the world, what does the future of security look like for business leaders? How do leaders ensure continuity of their businesses and safety of their selves, teams and families in these uncertain times? Learn the top tips for personal, virtual and organizational safety. Learn how the world’s most resilient organizations plan for business continuity.

FUTURE-PROOF YOUR BUSINESS: The climax panel. Pulling together the top action steps from the day’s learning and relating it to your businesses. Helping you future proof your business for success.

Notes: The agenda above is in DRAFT STAGE. It is being conceived on the basis of input received from a broad selection of C Suite leaders and futurists from around the world. Updates are expected.